Sanctor Capital and Press Start Capital Launch the Multiplayer Fellowship

Sanctor Capital
3 min readFeb 1, 2024

We are excited to announce that Sanctor Capital has partnered with Press Start Capital to launch the Multiplayer Fellowship, a pre-accelerator program focused on hyper early stage startups in the web3 space. The first 8-week cohort is scheduled to begin in mid-February.

Together with Press Start Capital we will offer talented founders $50K SAFE/SAFT investment, mentorship from top minds in the industry and a supportive environment of like-minded entrepreneurs. The program has no fees and offers additional benefits like free US company incorporation.

We aim to back 100 teams over the next 18 months, and help set them up to join top accelerator programs including Alliance DAO, a16z Crypto Startup School & SPEEDRUN, Binance Labs, and Y Combinator.

Hyper early stage founders face many obstacles trying to navigate the “valley of death” that exists between hackathon stage ideation and acceptance into a leading accelerator program. The Multiplayer Fellowship has been designed to help startups overcome these challenges, and create foundations for successful businesses.

The program builds on the past successes of previous Press Start Capital’s Fellowships and Sanctor Capital’s Turbo program. Both teams have a wealth of experience working with early stage founders, and share a passion for the web3 space.

Press Start Capital is a pre-seed Web3 venture fund founded by builders with exits. Their partners pioneered the pre-accelerator approach during the deep bear market of 2022, writing first checks to several cohorts of talented builders. Half of the graduates went on to raise and/or join top accelerator programs including Alliance DAO, a16z Crypto Startup School & SPEEDRUN, Binance Labs, and Y Combinator.

We of course have been focused on backing missionary founders since our inception in 2021. The Turbo program has seen more than half of its graduates launch successful products, with one company being acquired by eBay, while we have backed 60+ early stage teams through our venture arm.

The partnership between Sanctor Capital and Press Start Capital will amplify the efforts of both teams. We relish the opportunity to offer greater support to hyper-early stage founders through the Multiplayer Fellowship.

The deadline to apply for a spot in the first cohort is February 7th. To be considered, please, fill out and submit your application here.

If you have any questions, please, refer to the detailed FAQ sheet. You can also reach out to Press Start Capital and Sanctor Capital on X.

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